Scot has been performing for over thirty years…..okay why am I saying Scot??? I AM SCOT!!

Why do people pretend they are someone else and say all this great stuff about themselves? I’ll just tell you myself. I have been performing for along time. I love it. My first two albums I remember my father bringing home to me were a Marty Robbins tribute record and an incredible yellow vinyl Tommy Dorsey LP.

I was always having tracking problems with my stylus. So some days I would just look through the yellow vinyl at the beautiful picture on the Marty Robbins LP and dream. My first real guitar after the Sears model was a 1951 Guild Mahogany M -20. Still have it still use it. My father loved music, loved Big Band Jazz.

Okay so I did go to Berklee College of Music. I was a nervous wreck almost everyday. I mean I saw people like Buddy Rich & Gary Burton walking around there. What did I learn…….Big Band Jazz and I got an education Degree. I was a Jr. High music teacher for twelve years.

I should tell you now (you will find out sooner or later) I also work as a mime. I studied with Kenyon Martin, Marcel Marceau, & Tony Montanaro.